Author: Mike Sutton

Bentium Pro adder with carry in circuit highlighted.

Adding ADC, SBC, INC & DEC Operations To Ben Eater’s ALU

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The ALU on Ben Eater’s original Bentium 8-bit computer has two operations: add (ADD) and subtract (SUB). This gives his design the ability to add and subtract 8-bit numbers. But if you want to add or subtract larger numbers then you need more than 8 bits. You could do this by expanding to a 16-bit ….  Read More

HDSP-0762 on breadboard

HDSP-0762: Hex Displays Made Easy

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If you’re working (or playing) with digital electronics then you’ll probably want to display your data data on hex displays at some point. Normally this involves using some kind of decoder to turn your data into something that can drive a 7-segment display. Which means extra chips, extra wires and extra breadboard space. I set ….  Read More