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Bentium Pro ALU: Overview, Registers, Adder, Logic, Shift/Rotate and Schematics

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My Bentium Pro computer is a Ben Eater inspired machine which uses many of the same ideas and many identical or very similar circuits. My intention with these blog posts was to write about the things I have added or done differently and leave the same/similar stuff for people to copy from Ben. I also ….  Read More

Bentium Pro adder with carry in circuit highlighted.

Adding ADC, SBC, INC & DEC Operations To Ben Eater’s ALU

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The ALU on Ben Eater’s original Bentium 8-bit computer has two operations: add (ADD) and subtract (SUB). This gives his design the ability to add and subtract 8-bit numbers. But if you want to add or subtract larger numbers then you need more than 8 bits. You could do this by expanding to a 16-bit ….  Read More